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Polly provides consulting services in a variety of formats, bringing with her an extensive knowledge of infant and toddler development and a deep understanding of Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach.  She has visited many child care centers and group care programs both nationally and internationally, and will bring the lessons learned in these experiences to support you in your program enhancement.  Let Polly assist you in designing a consultation tailored to fit you unique needs.

  • Charting Courses Together – One of Polly’s most requested staff in-service seminars.  A two-day pre-service observation of the program to identify challenges and strengths followed by a weekend with the team to set realistic short-term goals to enhance your program, followed by developing measurable strategies and timelines to mark progress.  It is a fun energizing experience for everyone to support team building and collaboration.

  • An Introduction to the Educaring® Approach – Host a weekend seminar for your team members and colleagues to share the teachings of Magda Gerber from someone who studied and worked with Magda for more than 20 years.


  • Learning to Move/Moving to Learn – A one day workshop regarding the natural unfolding of the infant that supports both sound physiological and psychological development. 


  • The Magical Life of the Toddler – Explore the unique world of toddler-hood and develop an understanding of why they “push our buttons” and the most effective way to respond to make it a win/win time of life.


  • The Keys to Sensitive Observation – A one-day workshop that fosters a manageable approach to observation that opens us to “seeing the infant with new eyes.”


  • Other topics – creating effective learning environments; supporting self-regulations in the developing infant. 

"Polly leads not only with incredible respect, caring, and thoughtfulness but, also a warm and approachable style. She intuitively understands each student's unique needs and adjusts her lessons to help each person grow, learn, and succeed."

Carolyn Paetzel, RIE® Intern, 

Lead Child Development Teacher, ECE/ECFE

St. Paul, Minnesota

"I now go to places and can see immediately if people understand the spirit of the Approach even if they do things different from the way I would"
~ Magda Gerber

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